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Johanne Senay, artiste peinture et sculpteure

Artistic approach

I am a multidisciplinary artist. Painter working mainly in oils but the drawing of live model and sculpture are also part of my career. Being a person close to his emotions, I pass this sensitivity through writing. They feed the inspiration that influences my art.


The most significant work has always remained the human body and particularly the face. Explore what emerges from my experience and let its vibrations permeate my paintings.


The use of different mediums fed my creativity and allowed this body to take shape and express itself through drawing, painting and sculpture. Sometimes the use of iron oxides is combined with oil for a more contemporary and unexpected touch.

Drawing live models was a great discovery for me. Give in the time of a pose and discover what emerges from this spontaneity, without waiting, just let yourself be carried away by the expression. This release will inaugurate a new way of painting.

My art becomes a discussion with a state of being. A mirror on this fragile woman. Lines of thought slip into each of my works, a gateway to my universe. A state of mind where thoughts fly over the depth of the gaze.


Clay modeling gives access to this freedom to express yourself even more concretely. Permission is granted to the artist to impose himself with the delicacy that the clay will offer him.


I managed to get out of the beacons of tradition and surprise with the modernity of my rendering, the importance of using old methods in my own way. Keep in mind the source in the history of art and add a contemporary touch.


"Any production of an artist should be the expression of the adventure of his soul"

W. Somerset Maugham


Johanne Senay was born in 1963 and is from Beloeil. She works in the artistic field as a self-taught painter-sculptor. She has been painting in oils for over 27 years, but drawing of live models and sculpture have also been part of her artistic practice for the past decade.


She will be confronted with her academic weaknesses in French and in mathematics as she obtains a diploma of medical secretary and will work in an accounting firm for more than 20 years. Circumstances 15 years ago allowed her to do bookkeeping on her own. This new schedule suits her and allows her more flexibility to finally achieve more in the arts. It was a new start in every way. A woman of passion and accessible dreams.


She is interested in reading and philosophy. She writes her Morning Pages, they will nourish her art and her mind. This dialogue is found unwittingly on the canvas, like a mirror, without control or expectation. The drawing of a living model will have brought her an indefinable spontaneity and will allow her to abandon herself in his brushes as in her charcoals.


For 15 years, Johanne has participated in several solo or group exhibitions, as well as several symposia in different regions of Quebec. She is involved on a voluntary basis in several cultural organizations including the Route Arts du Richelieu, Fugue-en-art and she is a member of several professional associations. She shares her knowledge by offering workshops in painting and drawing lessons.


Recognitions from my peers

Honorary mention "contemporary figuration"
International Prize for Art Professionals (PIPA)
Academic officer sculptor, Mondial Art Academia o
Signatory member of the Institute of Figurative Arts (IAF)
Academic Knight of Mondial Art Académia

Self-taught training

Various courses in Art and Design
2016-2017 Modeling with Alain Daigneault

2011-2013 Drawing live model, Beata Tyrala

2008 Oil portrait, Denis Jacques

2008 Pastel portrait, Denis Jacques

2006-2011 Various workshops, Juan Cristobal Pinochet

1980-1986 Various drawing and art workshops

Publications and interview

Vallée des arts, February 2020, Fuschias Group

Journal Vallée du Richelieu express (1st page feb. 2012)

Magazinart, collective publication October 2011, 2013 and spring 2016

The Valley of Arts, October 2010 and February 2017
Youtube (2010)

Film on art (50 artists from all over the world, this film was shown on Air France flights

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